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Bocce Rules

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  1. A standard game has 4 players on one team vs 4 players on a second team. Two players of each team go to opposite ends of the court. You can play Singles, with one player on each team.

  2. Each team gets 4 balls. These 4 should be identical in color and design, usually green. The other team’s 4 balls must be a different color/design, usually red. The flag of Italy is green and red.

  3. Flip a coin to begin the game. If the coin lands ‘heads up’ the green team rolls first. If the coin lands ‘tails’ the red team begins play.

  4. To start, a player stands behind the foul Line and rolls or tosses the pallino. It must pass the center line of the court, cannot touch the backboard at the end of the court and must stop away from the side rail (the length of the measuring device). If the player fails to “set” the pallino properly, a player on the opposing team gets to do so and then rolls the first ball. If he/she fails also, the pallino is placed mid-way between the white marks on the opposite end of the court. The team which first rolled the pallino then rolls their first ball.

  5. The player who ‘set’ the pallino then rolls a ball, attempting to have it stop as close to the pallino as possible. The second team then rolls a ball trying to get closer to the pallino. Balls can hit each other or the pallino. However, if a player rolls a ball and it hits the backboard without touching any other ball or the pallino, then that player’s ball is removed from the court and is not counted in the scoring. If this happens with the first ball rolled in that frame, then that player rolls a second ball … or a 3rd or 4th.

  6. The team whose ball(s) is farthest from the pallino must roll the next ball. A team can have one player roll both his/her balls before the other player rolls his/her balls. Or, they can alternate rolling balls.

  7. When all 8 balls have been rolled, the scoring is counted. Only one team scores in each frame. One point is awarded for each ball that is closer to the pallino than the closest ball of the opposing team. If the closest ball of each team is exactly the same distance from the pallino, no points will be awarded for that frame. The pallino then goes back to the team that delivers it for the beginning of the next frame. If a ball is touching the pallino (at the end of the frame) it’s called a “Kiss” and that ball scores 2 points instead of 1.

If a team places all 4 balls closer than any ball on the opposing team it’s called a “Bocce” and all 4 players on that team receive a piece of candy.

  1. The team that scores in one frame gets to “set” the pallino in the next frame.

  2. If during a game the pallino is knocked over the rails and off the court, plays stops and the frame is re-started from the beginning.

  3. If a ball is knocked or tossed off of the court, it is taken out of play and does not figure in the scoring of that frame.

  4. All balls must be rolled underhanded.

  5. If a player rolls the wrong color ball, that ball is replaced in the exact same position with a correct color ball.

  6. When one team gets 15 points, the game is finished and that team wins.

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